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3 Helpful Tips for Navigating COVID-19 in the US Virgin Islands

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Apr, 30 2020

Borders are closing and the stay at home order has extended. We are all experiencing the COVID-19 crisis in different ways. Whether you are homeschooling your children, working remotely, or are one of our essential workers; we are all adjusting to change.

We want our clients to stay informed and, most importantly, stay safe. Our team is working remotely but are available to help clients navigate this uncertain time. Give us a call if you have any inquiries on properties for sale or if you are trying to list your home. We would be more than happy to discuss listing, closings, and the possibility of virtual open houses.

We will continue to acclimate with changing policies and have compiled a brief list to help you stay informed of the latest information affecting the US Virgin Islands.

Below are three updates you need to know:

1. Stay prepared and stay distant
As US Virgin Islands residents have come to expect hurricane season, we are more resilient and prepared with disaster kits and food storage. Continue to stay inside as much as possible, only going out for absolute essentials and storing food and supplies in the meantime. According to Forbes, as of April 10, 370 COVID-19 tests were performed in the US Virgin Islands. As these numbers increase, the government has instituted social distancing policies like closing beaches, creating curfews, and blocking hotel bookings. Guidelines like these are put in place to minimize social interaction and the spreading of the coronavirus.

2. Financial assistance is available
On Monday, April 13, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. announced that the US Virgin Islands has received $7.8 million grant through the CARES act. The CARES act application and funding process has been streamlined. To learn more about the CARES act and see if you are eligible, visit:

3. New testing protocols are in place
US Virgin Island hospitals have implemented testing protocols that allow for 24-hour results in priority COVID-19 cases. Governor Bryan is urging anyone who feels sick or that is exhibiting symptoms to go to the lab rather than hospital. This will help disperse resources rather than spreading them thin at hospitals. Select hospitals have been given tests that provide results in minutes with plans in place to provide these to other locations.

The Good News
The Travel Courier says that the USVI has one of the best COVID-19 campaigns in place to engage residents with a virtual Carnival experience and new ad campaigns. Learn more here and bring the islands to your home!