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How to Stay Healthy and Positive Amidst the Pandemic

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Apr, 01 2020
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Because of the COVID-19 virus, everyone is adjusting to some level of change. For the greater public safety, more and more people are quarantining, avoiding large groups and staying socially distant.

Here at our office on St. Thomas, we remain available in the interim via email, text, and phone to attend to our clients’ real estate needs and requirements.

We do not recommend non-essential travel, as we want everyone to stay safe and well. As travel curtails, we are experienced in and able to assist in transitioning short to long term properties for all clients.

We have gathered a list of tips to help you find solace and a moment of sunshine amidst these trying times. We will get through together.

Take a dip in the pool
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a properly maintained pool (with chlorine and bromine) can completely remove or at least inactivate the coronavirus as well as other viruses. Take advantage of your US Virgin Island home pool and consider it your “full-body cleanse”! Many of our properties have gorgeous private or community pools for you to consider.

Get sunlight
It is easier and easier to become overwhelmed and disheartened with news of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many are encouraged to stay distant from others, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out into the world on your own, enjoy the sunshine and receive a nice boost of dopamine! According to Heathline, periods of low sunshine exposure can reduce mood-boosting neurotransmitters, like dopamine. Individuals who receive higher levels of sunlight exposure, experience higher densities of dopamine receptors! What better place to raise your feel-good chemicals than Magens Bay, Buck Island or the Virgin Islands National Park? Fresh air and sunlight can sometimes be the best remedy for tough times!

Stay positive
Keep the feel-good neurotransmitters flowing and express a positive attitude of gratitude. WebMD explained that a positive attitude does, in fact, improve your immune system. When worried or stressed, your immune system slows. By expressing positivity and gratitude, your body can be better equipped to fight off viruses.

Feel-Good Fact of the Day: My Brother’s Workshop has been serving the youth of the US Virgin Islands for over 12 years, now helping up to 150 youth each year. MBW has an 80% success rate, with those who complete the program moving onto further education, the military or employment.

Working out lowers blood pressure, can protect you from certain diseases, and has numerous physical and mental health benefits. A surefire way to combat the self-isolation blues, is to get outside (by yourself) and get moving! The US Virgin Islands boasts some of the finest hiking trails. Explore Lind Point Trail, Reef Bay Trail, Phillip’s Landing, Ram’s Head and more!

During this time take care of one another, take care of yourself and take this time to explore the US Virgin Islands on your own.