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Life is a Festival in the USVI!

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Oct, 30 2019
USVI, US Virgin Islands Real Estate, Entertainment, Culture, Arts

Join the celebration! The US Virgin Islands are home to a diverse mix of cultures, creating a melting pot of influences on the islands’ arts, music, sports and festivals

Festivals are integral to the islands’ culture

Each island celebrates its own festival with dance, music, and food. St. Croix celebrates the Crucian Christmas Festival in December starting with the Three Kings Day Parade. St. Thomas hosts a two-week-long celebration in late April and St. John celebrates Independence Day and Virgin Islands Emancipation Day in July. 

The islands have a rich history

The US Virgin Islands hold historic landmarks and cultural centers across their expanse. You can visit the St. George Village Botanical Gardens and examine over 1500 species of plants. The Virgin Islands Children’s Museum on St. Thomas hosts workshops and classes while providing any child under the age of 5 years old a free book every month through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Exploring the islands’ natural beauty

There are numerous private and group sightseeing tours available on St. Thomas and Water Island which allow you to experience the natural beauty and attractions of the US Virgin Islands.

Music includes an eclectic mix of different influences

The music of the US Virgin Islands is an eclectic mix of West Indian, African, European and North American influences. Some of the genres include quelbe, quadrille, soca and reggae, jazz, hip-hop, and rock.

Fungi bands also pop up around the island. These bands are influenced by African music and include instruments like drums, bamboo flutes, scratch instruments, and washboards.

Museums and galleries abound on the islands

While exploring the islands you will have numerous opportunities to take in performing arts and visit museums and galleries. You can explore the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts and participate in workshops, enjoy concerts and other special events or check out the Gallery St. Thomas which holds an impressive collection of jewelry, art and prints.

Investing in the Islands

When purchasing property in the US Virgin Islands, you are investing in an island lifestyle as well as a rich history and culture. Let us help you consider the best option for your budget and ideal living space. From condos to homes to fractional properties, we will help you find your perfect piece of real estate on the US Virgin Islands! Start your search here.