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Top Self-Sustaining Properties in the USVI

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Jun, 04 2020
Sustainability, Island Homes, Virgin Island LIfestyle

USVI lifestyle and practices make sustainability easy!

Sustainability is at the heart of the island lifestyle and the USVI is no exception. We are known worldwide for our beautiful national parks and beaches. A sustainable lifestyle is beyond environmental factors and to truly be self-sufficient there are a few steps you can take in your own home. St. Thomas and the USVI, in general, boast many homes with opportunities for self-sufficiency. 

Self-sufficient homes include systems in place for power, heat, water, and food where an individual can reduce the need to rely on anyone else. Various technologies like solar power or generators help sustain energy while cisterns can provide water. A solar oven or wood-burning stove helps eliminate the need for outside heating sources. 

Every home on St. Thomas has its own generator as well as a water cistern built into the foundation of all homes, required by building code. Alternative forms of energy that are commonplace on the island allowing for new residents to easily acclimate to and create a self-sufficient lifestyle. To make your home more sustainable, consider gardening and farming opportunities. There are many local groups to join with key information on growing your own food. 


The Charming Topsider on Water Island includes its own 16,500-gallon water cistern and water purification system. The octagonal design allows for gorgeous sunrise views. The two-bedroom, two-bath home is on .25 acres of hillside land and is the perfect remote getaway. 

If you’re looking for a self-sufficient home with a little more space, check out C5-B15 Lovenlund. The property was designed by Architect Kevin Qualls and features an elegant, crisp, modern West Indian design. The entry also serves as a peaceful garden and opens onto a stone covered patio. The home is powered by an extensive solar array and includes a water cistern. 

We are experts in matching your lifestyle to the perfect home for you. To learn more about sustainability and finding a self-sufficient home, visit our contact page