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Why Choose a John Foster Real Estate Agent?

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Jul, 06 2020

Meet the Team 

At John Foster Real Estate, our motto is Experience Matters. With hundreds of homes sold and 48 years of experience, we are proud of our vast knowledge of the island lifestyle and ability to match our clients to their dream home. Our agents build connections with clients to best serve them and introduce them to the US Virgin Islands.

Throughout the year, we will be introducing you to each of our agents so that you can get to know them and see why #ExperienceMatters. First up, is Nicole Mynhier!

A St. Thomas native, Nicole launched her professional career in Real Estate in 2008, as a Marketing Ambassador for fractional ownership at The Ritz-Carlton (Residences) in St. Thomas. She is particularly passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of the Virgin Islands with customers who are interested in making St. Thomas their new home. Most recently, Nicole was selected as a director on St. Thomas Board of Directors, bolstering her professional credentials even further!

Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A: To me, perfect happiness is good health, time with family, coffee in the mornings, surfing at dawn with my husband, gardening, being near cute or fluffy animals, enjoying a funny movie, sunsets on the beach and mostly it is living in gratitude. Being grateful manifests perfect happiness!

Q: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

A: “Awesome!!” or “that’s weeeeird” (spelling reflects pronunciation) and “I love you”

Q: Which talent would you most like to have?

A: Honestly, getting barreled (surfing). Hah! That or math or the talent of decisiveness which eludes me!

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

A: All of them. Every achievement (and disappointment) has led me to where I am right now. Being where I am this moment is my greatest achievement!

Q: What is your motto?

A: SEIZE THE DAY!! Because LIFE is short, and time is precious.